A motorist has described his surprise after he received a parking fine for being ‘parked’ on Zig-Zag markings in Richmond Avenue, Shoeburyness – the only problem was that he was actually giving way to an oncoming vehicle at the time that he had his picture taken by the Southend Borough Council CCTV vehicle!

Richard Maxwell, whose age and home street are probably irrelevant here and therefore will not be reported, received the council notice in December 2015. Naturally he went through the appropriate channels to appeal the decision, and he received a standard letter to say that the fine has now been cancelled. However, Mr Maxwell is naturally disappointed that there has been no forthcoming apology from Southend Borough Council in light of the fact that the image makes it perfectly clear that the vehicle in question has stopped briefly to allow another driver to pass through.

Shortly after an image of his notice was posted on Southend News Network’s Facebook page, he commented: ‘I have just spoken to the council and apparently there is a letter in the post telling me that my appeal has been upheld. I wonder whether there will be any compensation included for my stamp, paper, ink, envelope and time? I doubt it!’ We contacted him to ask if he had a further comment, to which he replied: ‘Not one that you could post! I’m speechless at their incompetence.’

Within mere hours of our Facebook post going live, the letter was received to say that his appeal had been upheld. We spoke to a legal expert about this, and he informed us that this means that Mr Maxwell has ‘won.’ We have contacted Southend Borough Council for a comment.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Southend Borough Council contacted the Southend News Network with the following response:

“The appeals process is in place for good reason, and it has worked correctly in this instance.”

“The driver made representations explaining the situation and the ticket was duly withdrawn following the appeal. We apologise for any inconvenience the issuing of the ticket caused.”

Appeal Letter


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