To try and give the impression that we are a serious news site, we put up a live poll last night shortly after the conclusion of the Leaders Debate on the BBC.

Out of almost 95,000 who voted while the video was live, Labour leader Corbyn drew more than THREE TIMES as many votes as Tory leader Theresa May.

It is possible that the vote was slightly skewed by Corbyn having a big Facebook following, but we did try and get the poll shared on a wide range of Facebook pages to try and get a broad view.

Also, unlike our EU Referendum poll that ‘malfunctioned’ the other day, this one worked 100% as you will see from the reaction counts below:

HAHA was Corbyn, LIKE was May, LOVE was Farron.

Also, the reaction counts are higher as people could continue reacting after the live vote ended – Facebook limits these videos to four hours for some reason.

We know that you can prove anything with statistics (there are lies, damned lies etc.), but when you consider that a number of proper media outlets are also saying that Corbyn is now enjoying some sort of ‘bounce’ it surely must mean something at least.

One comment did make us chuckle on the live video. Someone asked ‘How can we count the older Tory voters who don’t know how to use Facebook?’

With lightning-fast wit, someone replied: ‘In the same way that under 18’s were counted in the referendum.’


If you want to take a look at the vote itself, it is still available on our Facebook page.

One other interesting statistic. The vote video itself has now reached more than 4.4m Facebook users.

Seeing that we have just under 50,000 page likes in total, and also the fact that we publish ‘mainly bollocks’ most of the time, that’s pretty good going!