Hiring a photo booth for corporate and family events is getting more and more popular, but one company in Southend will definitely think twice in future after a randy couple were caught having sexual intercourse in the booth that they had ordered for their Christmas party. Their passionate meeting went unnoticed at first, but other party guests were left shocked when the images were automatically dispensed for all to see – witnesses said that nothing was left to the imagination.

Due to legal proceedings between the employees and the company who hired the booth, we are not able to identify those who were involved, but another guest contacted Southend News Network with their version of events. He said: ‘It was around 11.30pm, and to be honest an awful lot of alcohol had been consumed by this point. My manager and his manager went into the photo booth and I just thought they were using it with some props to take a silly picture. However, after a few minutes nobody had seen them come out, and all of a sudden there were some photos that came out. You could clearly see that they hadn’t wasted any time in getting down to business, full ‘trousers on the floor’ territory, and the directors were furious. After somebody used the photocopier as a toilet last year, I honestly thought that they would have kept a closer eye on things this time around.’

Liam Cousins, the owner of Snappy Booths who supplied the booth, released a statement to our reporter. He said: ‘We don’t usually recommend that people use our booths for anything that passionate – we are only insured for anything up to a kiss and light fumbling! However, our regular clients will be delighted to know that we always deep clean our booths after each event. After this fateful night, we gave it a second going over just to make sure.’