58 people are currently in hospital receiving treatment after confusion lead to a batch of mould wine being served at a Christmas fair in Rochford. The annual event at St Epoxy’s Church in Hall Road has been running once a year in the past without any problems, but it is alleged that a ‘misunderstanding’ led to one of the volunteers preparing mould wine instead of mulled wine.

Eileen Lister has been arrested for questioning as she supplied what she thought was the traditional warm winter beverage, and a close personal friend has been giving her version of events to the Southend News Network. She said, ‘Eileen would never go out of her way to intentionally poison anyone, but I did wonder why she had a rusty bathtub full of milk in her basement six months ago. To be honest, her hearing and eyesight isn’t what it used to be.’

An eyewitness at the fair has told us that nobody suspected that there was a problem until large numbers of people began vomiting uncontrollably on the floor of the church hall. Darren Baron, who was attending the event with his family from East Fambridge, said, ‘I noticed that a few people were sipping the drink and looking a bit puzzled, and I took a quick sniff and thought it must have been some kind of designer Vimto.’

A spokesperson for St Epoxy’s Church has confirmed that anyone affected by the mould wine should contact the church office within 28 days for a full refund, provided that they have kept their original receipt.