Outraged campaigners have been calling for an urgent investigation today after a major national supermarket was caught giving out free extremist material to customers spending £10 or more on their shopping. 

A number of shoppers at Waitrose in Southend On Sea have let our Newsdesk know that they have been offered a copy of The Daily Mail – a publication that is well-known for spreading right-wing views and hateful rhetoric about carcinogenic substances, along with regular features about women’s bits.

We caught up with Hermione Breg-Zeet who shops at the John Lewis-owned supermarket every week, and she told our Chief Reporter that she was ‘still shaking’ after reading a few passages of the material.

She said: ‘I read a whole paragraph that hinted about how our withdrawal from the European Union will create new opportunities for native and traditional English people. It even described foreigners on benefits as ‘work shy.’

‘I was waiting outside Waitrose for my husband to pick me up, and an elderly gentleman was clutching a copy of the newspaper and preaching the same message about it being great to be British again. There must have been at least fifteen people gathered around and listening.’

‘He said that a young man from Algeria had taken his wife away a few years ago and everyone just started jeering and booing. Nobody seemed to realise that Algeria is technically in Africa.’

‘Just a few pages later, they had a list of 25 well-known musicians whose music is alleged to increase the risk of developing cancer, along with a double-page feature about how chickpeas can delay the menopause.’

‘The whole situation is very worrying as it is incredibly easy to reach a £10 spend in Waitrose. A loaf of bread and a packet of Heston’s Zabaglione and Ostrich Hand-Cut Crisps and you are pretty much there.’

‘I was offered a copy of The Telegraph as an alternative, but some of their views about cricket are just as sickening.’