A popular and well-respected GP from Basildon has been banned from practicing medicine for life after 24 patients were affected by a mistake that has been described as ‘inexcusable’ by patient groups. Dr Norman Myopicus, named practitioner of The Nine Bells Surgery, confused the terms ‘fecal’ and ‘fetal’ with these patients, leading to serious consequences for all concerned.

Claire Hole, 32, described her ordeal to a Southend News Network reporter. She said: ‘I visited the surgery in December to let Dr Myopicus know that I was pregnant and needed to book midwife and scan appointments, and he just opened a huge medical encyclopaedia on his desk. Three minutes later, he passed me a kidney dish and pointed me towards a side room to take a ‘number two.’

Michael Roberts, 41, had a similarly baffling ordeal with the disgraced GP. He told us: ‘I visited Dr Myopicus at the end of 2015 as I had been constipated for nine days, and he seemed confused for a few moments before telling me that I would be referred for tests. Three days later, I received a letter telling me that I was due to attend an ultrasound in the Basildon Hospital Early Pregnancy Unit – the enclosed Bounty pack had a free sample of Sudocrem, which actually came in rather handy.’

A spokesperson for the UK Medical Association Council of GPs said in a statement: ‘Dr Myopicus has been struck off in this instance because he was already on a final warning after a complaint was made against him in 2014.’ A Southend News Network investigation can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that the complaint was about a similar error he made when a patient visited his surgery and received a prostate exam after mentioning a ‘detached retina.’