Witnesses at a birth currently in progress in the middle-eastern town of Bethlehem have told Southend News Network that a rally organised by the right-wing Bethlehem First group has caused a significant amount of disruption.

According to one member of the public, a refugee couple had desperately resorted to preparing for the birth in a barn due to all existing accommodation being fully booked. 

However, while the birth was in progress, word spread of their arrival and the 16 members of Bethlehem First who were taking part in the day of action diverted their route towards Barney’s Barn that is rated at 3.5 stars on Tripadvisor. 

BF regional co-ordinator Clive Manger said: ‘This day of action and all of the t-shirts have cost us about 5000 Shekels, and we are increasing awareness of the threat posed by refugees to Bethlehem. We’re taking our town back from the people who have already taken it away from us in some manner.’

‘Officially they are refugees, but they pose a threat to our national security. She even thinks that she got knocked up without sleeping with her husband so she’s obviously a sandwich short of a hamper – her ideology is incredibly dangerous.’

‘This is just a hunch, but I think that their donkey may have been radicalised as well.’

‘Today’s rally has been a huge success, even though someone from the council tried to get it closed down at the last minute. We kept the details a closely-guarded secret on Facebook.’

While this interview was in progress, three men approached the barn to visit the newborn baby, and one of the demonstrators grabbed a box of Frankincense that had been gift-wrapped.

He added: ‘The government allows a 5% tax on all frankincense sales that is used to fund terrorism, and thousands of shops around the world are still happy to sell it. Are you filming this Geoffrey?’