A number of major bookmakers have suspended betting this morning on all markets that involve Nigel Farage becoming the next Prime Minister. The move came after a ‘significant amount of money’ was staked on the UKIP leader entering 10 Downing Street after David Cameron’s resignation on Friday, and an exclusive source has told Southend News Network that the betting came on the back of political manoeuvring to ensure that Mr Farage will use the current situation to grab control of the Conservative Party in the UK. 

He explained: ‘As far as the Tory Euro sceptics are concerned, Nigel Farage is the real hero of these proceedings, and 127 right-leaning Conservative MPs have now signed a letter proposing a merger between their wing of the Conservative Party and UKIP – the names of ‘CUKIP’ and ‘Bluekip’ have been put forward as potential choices. As far as I am aware, a number of concessions have been suggested to persuade the UKIP membership to agree to the deal, and one of these is the installation of Nigel Farage as party leader. Therefore, if enough of the Tories align themselves with the newly-formed party, they will be able to take their Party Formation Decree with them to remain as the party in government – Nigel Farage will be our new Prime Minister unless a general election is called.’

Hedges Benson is a political commentator covering Essex affairs, and declared that this was a victory for the people of Britain. He said: ‘When all is said and done, Nigel Farage was the first major politician to stand outside the Houses of Parliament and give a statement in front of the cameras when the result was official. Under the unwritten rules of politics, this makes him more than entitled to stake a claim for the top job, and now it seems that the wheels are in motion to make this happen.’