A brave c2c passenger managed to find a seat on a packed service from Fenchurch Street to Southend in the most creative way imaginable this evening when he noticed that one of the driver cabin doors had been left UNLOCKED AND OPEN. 

In many ways it’s the perfect place to travel. Peace and quiet, panoramic views, lots of nice and colourful screens to look at, plenty of buttons to dick around with. 

Unless you travel on the DLR, this sort of experience is the stuff of dreams. 

We noticed that the intrepid commuter had posted the photo above, and we’re not going to jeopardise his season ticket by naming him on here. It does all seem like a major c2c cock up though. 

Imagine what he could have done. If he had been in a hurry, he could have detached the rear of the train and just zoomed off somewhere else. 

He could have even opened the rear section’s doors at 70mph and watched all of the passengers fly out. 

With a finger on the emergency brakes, he could have made the whole twelve-car train (who are we kidding actually, it would be eight in rush hour) do some sort of J-Turn at Pitsea. 

c2c will probably come up with some bollocks about how they are proud to be creating extra space yadda yadda yadda, but the fact remains that he could have been ISIS, or Abellio. 

How difficult can it be to lock the cabin doors, seriously?