Business and leisure travellers in South Essex are in a state of shock this evening after it emerged that Easyjet flights have pulled out of Southend Airport.

At various points during this morning, afternoon and evening, a number of witnesses have contacted Southend News Network to describe how they saw Airbus A319 aircraft moving backwards before proceeding towards the runway and taking off.

Security footage has confirmed that numerous FlyBe flights have also spent today pulling out of the airport as well.

Holidaymaker Clive Spudge emailed our newsdesk to describe his experience on one of the flights involved in today’s pulling out manoeuvres.

He said: ‘I was sitting in my seat next to one of the windows, and all of a sudden I noticed that everything outside was moving forwards.’

‘Fortunately, this was just a small part of my flight, and a few moments later we were up in the air and on our way to some godforsaken vomit-filled Brit-infested clungehaven on the Costa Del Sol. Once I land there, pulling out will be the last thing on my mind!’

We contacted Southend Airport for a comment, and a spokesperson said: ‘Pulling out is a vital procedure that every aircraft must undertake before taking off from London Southend Airport.’

‘If these skilled pilots were unable to pull out, they would end up rolling forward and destroying the terminal as none of these aircraft have a reversing gear.’

‘We could always get turntables installed and fix this problem for good …… actually that’s a bloody good idea isn’t it? That’ll stop the buggers from going to Stansted.’