A showbiz source has EXCLUSIVELY revealed to Southend News Network that the Chuckle Brothers are set to DIVORCE due to a furious row over a pantomime booking for this Christmas.

He also added that things could ‘get messy’ when it comes to sorting out the copyright for their most famous catchphrase.

Our source, who has asked to remain anonymous, decided to contact Southend News Network and ‘set the record straight’ due to recent speculation in the media.

Throughout our interview, he used their real names of Herbert and Miles.

He said: ‘Back in January, Herbert and Miles were both booked to appear in the 2016 Christmas Pantomime season at the Southend Theatre, but after a number of financial difficulties the production company contacted both brothers to let them know that they could only afford to book one of them.’

‘Things got very heated at the audition, and they haven’t spoken since – they were trying to outdo each other in terms of their comedy, acting and entertaining skills.’

Papers for their divorce have now been lodged with the High Court in Barnsley, but a leading showbiz lawyer has told Southend News Network that the proceedings could be incredibly difficult to sort out.

Nigel Fist of legal firm Fist, Rimmer and Gobb Legal confirmed that the trickiest issue would be copyright of the Chuckle Brothers’ many catchphrases.

He said: ‘I have looked at the case notes incredibly carefully, and I can see that there will be a huge problem when their lawyers have to figure out who should be given custody and copyright of the trademark ‘to me, to you.’

‘If you split the catchphrase in half, the two resulting phrases have very little value – they only really work in comic terms when they are being used together and the two brothers are trying to transport a very large or heavy object.’

‘Secondary catchphrases will also be a problem for them, like when the older guy says ‘no slacking’ – the legal fees could easily reach £5m for this case.’

In a late development, a spokesperson for movie studio Warner Brothers has confirmed that any divorce proceedings could throw production for the upcoming three-movie series The Chucklevision Saga into chaos.

WB Head of Pratfall Concept Development Larry Henderson said: ‘Pre-production is already underway, with the first movie due to be released in 2018, and it is clear that any divorce proceedings will have a huge effect on filming.’

‘We have a shoot booked on the site of the Dartford Crossing in October as the Essex to Kent bridge is integral to the plot of the first movie.’

‘A freak tornado rips the entire Queen Elizabeth II bridge away from its foundations and into the sea, and Paul and Barry have to team up and get it all rebuilt before the Monday morning rush hour.’

Chucklevision Saga co-star Samuel L Jackson issued a statement, saying: ‘The Chuckle Brothers are in my prayers at this incredibly difficult time.’