In a heated press conference in Las Vegas, the UFC superstar Conor McGregor has announced that he has signed a multi-million dollar deal to fight Skeletor.

It’s thought that this will be the first time that the disciplines of Ultimate Fighting Championship and Masters Of The Universe have collided, and the press conference almost spiralled out of control when he appeared via video link from Castle Greyskull.

The conference was introduced by the fight’s promoter Cyril Sneer, flanked by three pigs.

Chewing on a crooked cigar, Sneer said: ‘This fight has been on the cards for a while now. We have been holding meetings in Eternia since the start of the year, and after She-Ra made it perfectly clear that she was no longer interested in defending her unified Ultimate Bollocks Crossover heavyweight belt the path was clear for McGregor and Skeletor to clash.’

‘In the event that we cannot get a licence from the Nevada authorities, I am getting a huge section of the Evergreen Forest flattened to build the Sneer Superdome.’

A number of high-profile guests were at ringside for McGregor’s fight against Mayweather on Saturday night, including Captain Planet and Master Splinter.

Their appearances prompted bookmakers to slash the odds of McGregor’s next fight being against someone who doesn’t actually exist.

A spokesperson for Sky Sports Box Office confirmed that this fight would be even bigger than the last fight even though they said that the last fight would definitely be the most important thing to happen in the history of everything ever.

He added: ‘This will definitely be worth spunking another score on even though it will be another poxy 5am job for people in the United Kingdom.’

Ladbrokes have also confirmed that the odds of there being a fatal four-way between McGregor, Alvin, Simon and Theodore have been slashed to 3/1.