Could Rolf Harris enter the Celebrity Big Brother House in a few days’ time? It appears that a number of Southend News Network readers would like to see the disgraced Australian entertainer take part in this year’s televised fun and games, and a leading judicial expert has said that it could be ‘a possibility under modern and creative sentencing guidelines.’

In a recent poll, Southend News Network contacted 1000 readers and asked who their top choice would be to enter the latest Celebrity Big Brother House. In a shocking development, Rolf Harris came out on top with 88% of the vote, with 8% for Danny Dyer and 4% choosing Moira Stewart.

Although Rolf Harris is technically a guest of Her Majesty in prison, we contacted a leading expert in the British judiciary system to see if it would be possible for him to enter this year’s show as a full contestant.

Sir Marlon Marlington QC is the top-ranking ‘Courtula¬†Spatulum’ at The Old Bailey in London, and as such he is often approached to give a total and legally-binding response to a wide variety of sentencing and legal punishment issues when cases are in progress.

He said: ‘In the United Kingdom, we are currently in the early stages of a long penal reform process that is following a number of US examples of creative sentencing. With enough support from the Super Curricular Court of the United Kingdom, the so-called ‘panel of ten,’ they could technically rule that two or three weeks in the Celebrity Big Brother House would be a serious and humiliating punishment.’

‘It remains to be seen whether any time on air would be taken in the place of prison time, and any prize money would definitely have to be donated to a nominated charity.’

‘However, with only a few days remaining until the show gets underway, it would be almost impossible to organise the relevant hearings in time. Looking at the situation objectively, it is far more likely that he would end up on The Jump or something like that.’