A 28-year-old mum-to-be from Southend has admitted that she is outraged by her neighbours’ decision to take out a COURT INJUNCTION to stop her from having a home birth. According to legal documents that have been seen by Southend News Network, retired couple Irene and Arthur Norton of Victoria Road told Southend Magistrates Court that Natalie Popp’s planned home birth would involve ‘excessive amounts of noise and distress,’ and therefore they argued that it would be anti-social in nature.

Ms Popp said: ‘To be honest, we have never seen eye-to-eye over a number of shared driveway issues, but out of courtesy I got my boyfriend to go and tell them that I have chosen to have a home birth and may therefore create a lot of noise without any warning. Around a week later, we then got official court papers to say that an injunction had been granted and that my midwife would be in touch about arranging for a hospital birth – it’s disgraceful. I now have no other option than to sort out having my baby at Southend Hospital when she is due in August.’

Her neighbour Mr Norton spoke to our Chief Reporter earlier today. He said: ‘We didn’t purchase our home to be forced to suffer any antisocial behaviour from a renting neighbour, and when we approached her landlord about her plans he told us to get lost, so therefore we had no choice but to seek a court injunction. If she could guarantee going into labour during the day, we may have been able to turn the other cheek, but both myself and my wife are unwilling to have our sleep disturbed in the middle of the night. We paid our taxes all our working lives to the NHS so people like her can have their babies in a hospital – house prices around here have taken enough of a battering lately as it is.’