Motorists who use the Dartford Crossing on a regular basis have reacted with anger today after the man in charge of the bridge and tunnel announced an ’emergency proposal’ for PEAK TOLL PRICING.

DartCros CEO Dan Fangler hopes that the ‘demand-driven’ pricing structure will encourage drivers to consider using the crossing at a quieter time of the day to avoid the chaos that was experienced on Wednesday morning.

He added: ‘Congestion charging in London has spread traffic fantastically well across the whole week, and we are using this model as inspiration for the Dartford Crossing.’

‘Although details are still being finalised for larger vehicles, rates for regular cars have now been set, and car drivers can expect to pay up to £10 each way during morning peak.’

A screenshot of the new toll charges, taken earlier today.

A screenshot of the new toll charges, taken earlier today.

‘We also want to take this opportunity to thank account holders, and pre-paid toll charges will be 25% lower than the one-off payment rate.’

‘We also want to reassure people that the crossings will remain free of charge between 10pm and 6am – in many ways this free period was the first stage of the overall plan for variable tolls.’

‘DartCros appreciates that this news will hit some people harder in the pocket, and this is why we are going to release a limited number of pre-bookable tunnel and bridge slots for £1 each way, each day.’

‘These discounted slots will be available online up to one calendar month before the date of travel. There will be big savings on offer for people who can plan their crossing in advance – this Ryanair-style approach will revolutionise the Dartford Crossing.’

We asked Mr Fangler how the changes would be implemented.

He said: ‘The existing billing and charging system will be reprogrammed, with any costs being covered by stepping up our efforts to reclaim unpaid tolls and fines from foreign drivers.’