Police have appealed for calm this evening after the Dartford Crossing was closed in both directions due to a number of Pokemon Go players trying to catch two rare characters. 

Shortly after 5pm today, motorists reported having to swerve to avoid smartphone users gathering across all four lanes of the bridge. Word had spread that a rare Tosemov monster was lurking in the road. 

Crossing officials have now closed the bridge until the crowds have been cleared.

Initially, traffic was diverted into one of the two tunnels instead, but at 5.30pm further police calls were made about players running into the tunnels. 

A number of tweets were posted saying that the tunnel contained an even rarer Havachu, and the chaos now means that all Thames Crossing traffic is being sent via the Blackwall Tunnel until further notice. 

Motorist Clive Dive was caught up in the bedlam earlier, and he said that he was forced to remove three players from his car bonnet. 

He said: ‘I had to do an emergency stop, and then three people who I could only describe as ‘Games Workshop customers’ were climbing on my bonnet to play their stupid game.’

‘I tried speeding off and swerving violently to shake them from my cat, but it didn’t work and I slammed straight into the tunnel wall. An official said that the repair costs will be deducted from my crossing charge account.’