A mum and dad from Southend have been describing their anger after spending £40 on a ‘ridiculous’ potty that they claim has led to a huge dry cleaning bill for their carpets at home. 

Shaun and Tabitha Ship claim that the original shop that sold them the potty for their four-month-old daughter Esme has ignored their complaints so far, and they have now decided to go to the media as a last resort. 

Dad Shaun said: ‘It feels very well made, but there are two openings for our daughter’s legs at the front. Although this is a valuable safety feature to stop her falling out of the potty, everything keeps trickling out of the bottom and staining the carpet – it’s costing us a fortune in cleaning bills.’

‘We spent £40 on it because we wanted to get the best possible potty for her training. Instead we have been left with something that is practically useless.’

‘Her wee and poo keeps soaking the straps as well and they are a nightmare to clean.’

‘It even comes with a clip on table and I have no idea what they were thinking. There is a saying that ‘you don’t crap where you eat’ for a reason!’

‘Why on Earth would I want to give my child a sandwich while she is in the middle of doing her business? It’s disgusting.’

‘Every time she wants to go potty now we have to sit there with a Sports Direct mug and catch it all as it flows out. We will think twice before shopping there again.’

A spokesperson for South Essex Babies said: ‘We are not prepared to discuss individual customer complaints publically.’