A number of protests and petitions have been announced after it emerged that planning permission has been granted for a new Disney-owned theme park in Essex. 

According to plans that have been seen by Southend News Network, the remaining undeveloped areas of Hadleigh Castle Country Park have been sold to Disney, with a number of themed hotels due to be built on neighbouring Two Tree Island.

The proposals were rushed through after a previous attempt to re-develop Hadleigh Castle collapsed.

The castle will now make way for the trademark Disney centrepiece ‘Magical Castle’ instead.

A spokesperson for the Disneyland Essex Construction Consortium said that this was fantastic news for the area.

He added: ‘The demand for a new Disneyland resort in Essex is massive, and we are delighted to be bringing a brand new leisure and tourism landmark to the United Kingdom.’

‘It will mean a complete development of all land between Benfleet and Leigh On Sea. The c2c line will run right through the magical kingdom that we are creating, and additional tracks will be laid for the on-site monorail.’

‘Leigh station itself will also see a huge re-development as it will be the main access station for Disneyland Essex.’

Local dog walkers and nature lovers are said to be OUTRAGED at the decision.

Perry and Petunia Ogle have been driving to Two Tree Island for leisure purposes since 1993, and they said that they were ‘disgusted’ at the prospect of losing a well-known leisure hotspot.

Mr Ogle added: ‘Why should we lose such an amazing leisure hot spot in the name of American money making? It’s an utter disgrace!’

‘We have been visiting Two Tree Island by car with a number of friends for many, many years. Where else can we go and perform leisure activities in such peace and quiet?’