Viewers of Eastenders have been expressing their disgust and outrage after it was revealed that Dot Cotton is due to appear in ‘raunchy but tasteful’ sex scenes as she begins to get ‘romantically involved’ with Albert Square’s newest gerontophile Phil Mitchell. 

According to a source within the show, the scenes have been written to raise public awareness of the issues that the elderly face when it comes to sexual relations with younger adults.

Show bosses have been keen to portray Dot as someone who isn’t afraid to ‘get creative’ when the lights are turned off.

He said: ‘The scenes were actually filmed back in January with Phil and Dot heading upstairs to the bedroom after Phil comes to Dot and asks her for some words of wisdom as he struggles against the booze once again.’

‘Their table discussion starts with a pot of tea and Dot quoting sentences from The Bible that Phil can draw inspiration from.’

‘Within seconds they are tearing each other’s clothes off and climbing the stairs.’

‘As the credits are about to roll, viewers see Dot reach onto her bedside table for a tube of Primula and a tub of Vaseline.’

‘It’s all shot in an incredibly tasteful manner.’

‘I can’t really give too much away about how the story comes to an explosive conclusion, but I can say that their relationship develops into a regular fling with Dot making regular visits to The Arches.’

‘Viewers will be both shocked and amazed at how often she likes her spark plugs changed.’

‘People of all ages have needs and desires, and all we want viewers to realise is that bouts of passion can happen when it is least expected.’

‘Both of the actors were full of ideas to make the scenes seem as genuine and warm as possible, and life in the Launderette will never be the same again.’