Long-time followers of Southend News Network will know that we have had a number of successes in the past where we have posted complete and utter b*llocks and the stories have then been shared by far-right and extreme-right Facebook pages.

An EDL page got into a right flap about that time when the hot-cross buns were sold without the ‘offensive cross’ on them, Tommy Robinson’s Twitter account got the hump when bikinis were banned from Southend beaches, and the main Britain First page shared our story about the Essex villages of High Easter and Good Easter having to remove the word ‘Easter’ from their names because of ‘muslam’ or whatever.

Links to all of these are at the end of this article.

However, on Easter Monday evening, all of this was smashed into insignificance when the official English Defence League page for Newcastle shared our story about a job-stealing immigrant being arrested for hiding a load of jobs in his basement.

edl snn

We did stop and think for a minute that it was some kind of spoof Facebook account, but the existing content on there shows that it is indeed genuine.

What followed after this was two hours of SNN fans jumping over there and taking the piss before they finally removed the post at around midnight.

Countless people then let us know that they had been banned from the page – they were distraught, naturally.

Unlike every other SNN story that has been picked up by extreme-right posters in the past, there was a huge difference with this one – the giveaway was in the bloody headline!

With our other ‘wins,’ the joke was only obvious after clicking through and reading the actual story, which for some reason a lot of Facebook users simply don’t bother to do.

Why not take a look at the offending article now and see how OUTRAGED you are at what Hamili Al Zhafavah has been up to? 

You can count all of the red herrings that we stuck in there as well.

Take a look at the hot-cross bun story, the bikini story and the Easter story.

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