Leading figures in the Essex construction and housing industries have been full of praise for ‘revolutionary’ local developer Lewis Hutch who thinks that his latest idea will transform the market. 

Mr Hutch spoke to Southend News Network this morning about his ‘original and unique’ plan to take an existing building in Southend and turn it into flats. 

He said: ‘I have been researching the local housing market for a while now as I own a 6-bed home in York Road that is run down but full of character – I really want to turn it into something that will benefit the community.’

‘As I was driving around Southend the other day, it suddenly struck me that hardly anyone is building flats these days and squeezing 12 parking spaces into an area barely larger than an A4 notebook.’

‘I am now putting plans forward to knock down the house and build 12 apartments in its place – I really have no idea why other developers aren’t doing this.’

‘There is a housing crisis, and people like me can help to solve it with this approach.’

‘I may even approach Tesco and see if they want to put a convenience supermarket on the ground floor. Some people in Southend have to endure a 30-second walk to their nearest store, and we have the power to make this right.’

York Heights will be a collection of at least 12 luxury apartments in a prime location at the centre of Southend’s Red Light District, with 1-bed studio units starting at just £299,995. 

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