The town of Burnham On Crouch in Essex has made history after the local council installed the United Kingdom’s first-ever semen bin. 

According to the town’s mayor Harold Monk, the trial bin will be monitored over the next three months to see if incidents of public semen littering are reduced.

He spoke to Southend News Network about the trial that will hopefully fight ‘a disgusting problem that has plagued the local streets for a number of years.’

Mr Monk added: ‘For as long as I can remember, the streets of Burnham On Crouch have been littered with small deposits of male seminal fluid, and this new bin will send a clear message.’

‘We’re not saying that men can’t enjoy themselves in the town – all we want to do is  give them the opportunity to dispose of the after-residue in a safe and controlled manner.’

‘This town is very popular with tourists, and only last week an elderly lady had to be rushed to hospital with a broken leg after slipping on some discarded essence by the yacht club.’

However, a number of locals have criticised the placement of the bin as it is around 1m off the ground.

Burnham Council’s lead for environmental hygiene Sam Wunoff said: ‘We are not suggesting that men deposit it directly into the bin – ideally some sort of third party mechanism should be involved in the process.’

‘We have been looking into this localised problem on a number of Internet forums, and we hope that this will give people who want to try the so-called Burnham Shuffle the chance to do so without creating an antisocial disturbance to others.’

According to reports, councillors nearby are looking to install a similar bin to tackle a number of problems linked to the emergence of the Fambridge Fap.