A spokesperson for the Football Association has confirmed that there are plans in place to introduce PERIOD BREAKS in the ladies’ football calendar from the 2017/2018 season. 

It is hoped that only scheduling matches for three weeks out of every four will encourage more girls to take up the sport from school age and up. 

The FA’s Feminine Engagement Officer Henry Couku said: ‘We asked 10,000 women of all ages about what may have discouraged them from taking up football at school, and on top of the answers they gave us we also concluded that having a period was stopping many bright and talented girls from getting into the game.’

‘Our research has shown us that a female period can last for anything up to seven days in any particular month, so from the 2017/2018 season all FA-affiliated Women’s competitions will only schedule fixtures for three weeks in every four.’

‘This will allow ladies to train hard and play hard, while still allowing time for their natural cycle to take its course.’

‘Also, playing football while hormonal can be detrimental to their development, and they will still have plenty of time to go on Twitter and visit coffee shops as well.’

In a late development, a leading human rights lawyer confirmed to Southend News Network that male players may be able to sue the FA for discrimination if the same ‘one week in four’ rest isn’t introduced to the men’s game as well.

Maurice Philange of Philange, Foufou, Foufou and Tunnell Legal Associates added: ‘The FA could be on dangerous ground with this one, and we predict a lawsuit within four weeks of the rule change being introduced.’

‘I often wonder if it is Diego Costa’s time of the month.’