A Nan on Facebook has shared a photo of a lost dog that is 5000 miles away. 

73-year-old grandmother Doris Horace from Southend in Essex was browsing what she refers to as ‘the Facebook’ on Friday morning, when she noticed that a Westie Terrier in Austin, Texas called Houndie had been missing for three days.

Doris immediately shared the photo and commented ‘Shared in Southend, Essex.’

Speaking exclusively to Southend News Network, she said, ‘I noticed that poor little lost dog on my news page feed, and I decided that I simply had to do something to help the family.’

‘I am proud that I have done my bit.’

‘If that dog manages to trek across numerous states and swim the entirety of the Atlantic Ocean, before somehow getting from the tip of Cornwall to Essex, there is every chance that one of my seven friends excluding the three who passed away in 2013 will spot him.’

Doris paused for a moment to wish someone Happy Birthday on her own wall without tagging them or writing their name, before adding, ‘The Facebook is a wonderful thing.’

‘It does get tiring sometimes signing my full name at the end of every single comment and inadvertently boosting the online presence of the extreme-right by sharing memes about animal cruelty.’

In a late development, a man from Basildon has been arrested after he shared a post when there were explicit instructions to cut and paste it instead.

A close friend of Darryl Parsnip added, ‘He was just so desperate to not be one go the 99% who wouldn’t pass it on.’