A 36-year-old woman from Shoeburyness in Essex has said that she is ‘honoured and excited’ after getting the news that she had been chosen to receive the 2017 Global Online Lionheart Award for Incredible Bravery.

Joanna Kenton was presented with the prestigious gong for sharing a Facebook post about cancer awareness in January.

At a star-studded awards ceremony at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in London last night, Ms Kenton was praised by a panel of judges for sharing the image and inspirational message under ‘incredibly stressful and pressurised circumstances.’

Ms Kenton spoke to our Chief Reporter on the red carpet after the awards. She said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when President Obama read out my name over a video link to Air Force One, and it was probably the greatest moment of my life so far!’

‘I remember the day like it was just a few months ago when I noticed that one of my Facebook friends shared a photo of a candle with the message that the burning flame was a tribute to anyone who had lost their own battle against cancer – I shared it in just a few clicks without stopping to think about the consequences or my own safety.’

A few hours later, I received a notification to say that I had been nominated for a GOLAIB and I couldn’t stop running around and screaming with excitement.’

We asked Ms Kenton for more information about the ‘incredibly stressful’ circumstances that surrounded the Facebook share.

She explained: ‘There was a message next to the inspirational image that said ‘I BET THAT ONLY 1% OF YOU UTTER F&CKING COWARDS WILL HAVE THE GUTS TO SHARE THIS IMAGE. BASTARDS!!!.’

This aggressive tone didn’t scare me at all, and I now realise that it took every single ounce of courage in my soul to stop myself from just scrolling past and playing Candy Crush Saga.’

‘Some people say that people who are fighting against cancer, their loved ones and pioneering doctors are the ones who deserve the plaudits, but in my mind people like me are the real heroes.’