A spokesperson for the government has confirmed that a SECOND EU REFERENDUM will be held on the day of the general election on June 8th.

According to the Department for Brexit, having the whole nation going to the polls for a general election is ‘an ideal opportunity’ to run another EU referendum for logistical and cost reasons.

Nathan Blake of the DFB added: ‘Calls for a second EU referendum have been disregarded until now because they are incredibly expensive to set up, but if British people are going to the polls anyway it is simply a case of printing another question on the back of the voting paper.’

‘Our official printing supplier has already confirmed that the additional costs will minimal – its like letting the water company put a pipe down when the gas board have already dug up the road anyway.’

‘We will also change the wording to make sure that everyone knows what they are voting for.’

‘Instead of saying ‘Leave the European Union,’ it will read ‘Leave the European Union, which means that the United Kingdom won’t be in it anymore and furthermore they will be outside of it and longer a part of it.’

The Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron welcomed the news, putting his fists close together while saying ‘that’s cracking, that is.’

He added: ‘I’ve said all along that another EU referendum could be chucked in on General Election Day.’

‘I have offered to help out at the Sheffield count as they will have to flip all of the papers over and keep a tally.’