Heavy fog has temporarily forced all inbound flights at Southend Airport to divert to Canvey Island. 

As of 1pm on Friday afternoon, buses are meeting the flights on Canvey and ferrying passengers for the last part of their journey to Southend Airport. 

The decision to put the diversion in place was taken after an air traffic controller was overheard telling an Easyjet flight deck to ‘just aim a bit to the left of Tesco.’

Another flight was observed circling Southend more than 117 times earlier in the morning, with witnesses witnessing the pilot attempt to land an Airbus A320 on Southend Pier. 

A spokesperson for Castle Point Borough Council confirmed that Roscommon Way on Canvey will be closed until 8pm this evening to allow for aircraft movements, with a ban on antisocial aircraft manoeuvres in place until midnight.