Representatives of the Southend NHS Coalition have confirmed that Caesarian births will be offered to women choosing home births in the area from January 2017. According to early research, more than 70% of hospital-based Caesarian births could be carried out in this more ‘familiar and relaxing environment.’

We spoke to Dr Natalie Popp, Clinical Obstetrician Clinician Director at Southend Hospital, and she feels that this is an exciting development that could save the NHS more than £300m per year if it was rolled out across the entire United Kingdom. 

She said: ‘Modern birth is all about giving women a choice, and at the moment a shocking number of home births are ending up with complications and a stressful rush into hospital by ambulance for a C-Section – this situation is a disgrace in the 21st Century.’

‘We already provide expert guidance on creating a sterile and comfortable home environment for natural births, so we challenged our infectious diseases team to come up with a safe and viable home Caesarian solution – I am delighted to say that they have delivered something truly extraordinary.’

‘The Inflatable Caesarian Surgical Mattress is made from an anti-bacterial material, and it rests upon a polycarbonate plinth that can be folded down to fit inside any midwife’s vehicle. The whole kit can be assembled in ten minutes, and in this time a qualified surgeon can be transported by an escorted vehicle from either Southend or Basildon Hospital.’

‘At the same time, we are also updating existing midwife training so that at least 80% of the South Essex Midwife Team will be Caesarian-trained by 2019 – at that point the Home C-Section scheme will truly come into its own.’

‘With most midwives already trained in stitching for second-degree vaginal tearing, this is just the next step in their professional development.’

‘A natural home birth is already one most intimate and relaxing experiences imaginable, and there is now no reason why pregnant women shouldn’t be able to choose a domestic Caesarian.’