The parents of a ‘brave’ 6-year-old girl have threatened to take the owners of Fantasy Bowl on Pier Hill to court after their daughter was accidentally stuck to the wooden floor for SEVEN HOURS on Sunday afternoon. According to witnesses at the scene, the floor hadn’t been properly cleaned for some time, and the accident happened when young Maisie Lackerton from Chelmsford was about to let go of her bowling ball.

Her father Clive said: ‘We noticed when we arrived that the place was in a real state, but we assumed that this was because so many people had decided to visit Southend on Sunday. We all got our bowling shoes from the front desk as normal, and when we sat down at the end of our lane there was a really funny smell around the place – we just couldn’t work it out but we all agreed that it was a disgusting, sickly-sweet smell. Maisie was due to bowl first of all, and as she was taking her run up I saw her slow right down as if something was holding her back. A few seconds later, she dropped the ball on the floor and told us that she was stuck.’

He continued: ‘I ran over to try and help her, but it was already too late. She couldn’t even take her feet out of the shoes and escape because the sticky fluid had penetrated the soles and her skin, and so the manager phoned the emergency services. A fire crew turned up a few minutes later with emergency apparatus, and after seven hours of frantic work they were able to get her unstuck – a paramedic said that she was only potentially 15 minutes away from having her feet amputated. The fire chief said that the floor was covered in a lethal solution of lane polish, bleach and Relentless energy drink, and this created a chemical reaction that resulted in an incredibly dangerous adhesive. We’ll see them in court!’

Fire chief Rupert Chisell added: ‘We have prepared a full report for both the local council and the Health and Safety Executive, and our main concern is that their complete lack of a cleaning schedule meant that these liquids were able to react with each other and stick this poor girl to the floor for so long. I’ve never seen anything this bad since the Bostik factory fire in 1989.’

A spokesperson for Fantasy Bowl spoke to Southend News Network to confirm that they have no comment to make about the incident.