A spokesperson for Apple has confirmed that they are investigating after an overnight iPhone software update led to an error for millions of users where the word ‘God’ is changed to ‘Allah.’

For UK users, the glitch also means that it is now impossible to type ‘Mecca Bingo’ without the word ‘Mecca’ being blanked out.

An anonymous user sent us a clip of one of the affected handsets.

It shows the error and the user being unable to stop the word changing.

Internet forum user GrandBranleur said: ‘WTF is going on with my iPhone? Every time I type ‘God’ it autocorrects it to ‘Allah’ and it won’t stop.’

A Mumsnet member called SXMilfy said: ‘I have been trying to arrange a night out at bingo for an hour now, and it won’t let me say Mecca I’m fumming.’

‘I know that gambling is forbidden in Islam but it’s my choice.’

A screenshot of the glitch

Although Apple are frantically trying to fix the error, hundreds of outraged iPhone users have vowed to give up their handsets and move to Android.

One iPhone owner Dave Barrage said: ‘It’s disgusting – for ages I have been saying that my iPhone has been Muslamified and now it’s been confirmed.’

‘I caught my son playing Angry Birds the other day and they have put a game on there all about blowing up pigs like they are the enemy of humanity.’

‘It’s political correctness gone mad. If I want a bacon sandwich, before sending a text saying ‘oh my god’ and organising a night at the bingo then that’s my business and nobody else’s.’

‘This country’s gone to the dogs, but I bet I can’t even say that anymore.’

In a late development, a number of people have reported that their Apple devices have stopped giving directions to McDonalds through Siri when driving in Golders Green and Stamford Hill.