The elected councillor for Marine Ward in Southend On Sea has admitted that he is ‘sick and tired’ of unexploded World War 2 bombs washing up and causing chaos on the coastline between Shoeburyness and Chalkwell, and that it is time for Germany to be ‘held accountable’ for the disruption caused by these incidents. Furthermore, Cllr Harry Nobb (Ind) believes that Germany should foot the bill for the wreck of the SS Montgomery to be made safe, dismantled and then disposed of safely – he intends to request a formal meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel in order to discuss how to proceed with these demands.

Cllr Nobb said: ‘Hardly a week goes by without the seafront being closed off because something explosive has turned up on the beach, and we all have to remember how these items got there in the first place. I know that some do-gooders or historians will point out that a lot of these bombs and grenades probably originated from British or American vessels, but my argument is that they wouldn’t have been out there in the first place if Germany didn’t get big ideas and try to take over most of Europe. I have nothing against modern Germany, and the Bavarian Christmas Market brings a lot of benefits to Southend, but the fact remains that a small child could stumble across one of these artefacts any day now and poke it with a stick – the consequences are unimaginable.’

He added: ‘In addition to organising the complete dredging of the Thames estuary for unexploded items, Germany should also foot the bill for the SS Montgomery to be dismantled and removed. A lot of people are going to say that I am ‘nuts’ or ‘a total loon,’ but how will major projects like Thamestown or Boris Island Airport ever become a reality if the wreck just sits there?’

We contacted the German government for a response to Cllr Nobb’s allegations. Foreign Minister Gunther Von See replied: ‘We can confirm that we have received an official request from a UK-based politician regarding compensation payments for dangerous historical remnants and their disposal. We are more than happy to arrange for a formal meeting to take place once authenticated evidence has been submitted with details of the amount of tourism revenue that is being lost every year through dangerous washed-up items.’