Friends and family of BBC kids TV star Badger have vowed to do ‘everything that they can’ to help the 25-year-old after the actor was seen doing ‘a line of smash’ in a Southend pub toilet last weekend. 

Although the photographs have been blocked from publication following an injunction, Southend News Network can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Badger was seen inhaling the popular instant mash powder through a rolled up £50 note in the gents’ toilet at The Woods’ Inn in Southend. 

Landlord Kevin Pomme said: ‘Badger has been coming in here for a while now and drinking heavily, but nobody really knew that he had a crippling smash habit.’

‘I know that he was recently barred from the local Co-Op recently, but we assumed that this was for drunken behaviour – it turns out that he has been stealing packets of the stuff.’

‘Snorting Smash can be an incredibly dangerous habit. My uncle was into it for a while and the powder expands when it hits moisture at the back of your nose. After a while you have a head full of croquettes and you can’t even see straight.’

‘Abusers end up with a constant taste of bubble and squeak and an overwhelming urge to drink buckets of Bisto – the government must do more to help addicts.’

‘I want to know where that guy in the hat is while all of this is going on. He has a lot to answer for.’

This news has come at a time when addiction amongst stars of children’s TV shows has never been worse.

Cookie Monster’s recent diabetes diagnosis has highlighted the real dangers of uncontrolled biscuit consumption during childhood, and Paddington Bear’s comments saying that ‘he would kill for a marmalade sandwich’ led to fears that he had become some sort of radicalised immigrant.