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A birthday party business owner from Leigh On Sea has been ‘forced’ to cancel what he described as the BIRTHDAY PARTY FROM HELL after the soon-to-be 16 year old girl made demands that became ‘ridiculous and unrealistic.’ Sportacular owner Kurt Davies has been talking to our Chief Reporter about his ‘regretful’ decision to cancel the event.

His company has been organising sports and activity-based birthday parties and school holiday events for a number of years, and he said: ‘The May Bank Holiday booking was originally made in December for Lauren Jennings-Bennington by her parents, Lucretia and Jerome, but I was slightly concerned when they handed me a corporate credit card and told her to ask for whatever she wanted. First she wanted a huge Frozen-themed extravaganza, and three days later she changed her mind and told me that she wanted a One Direction theme with a performance by the actual boyband. When I told her that this would be difficult, she kept screaming at me and telling me that mummy and daddy would be able to sort it – that never went anywhere.’

He continued: ‘Just after New Year, she stormed into my office one day, threw a bundle of £50 notes at me and screamed ‘PETTING ZOO.’ I spoke to a local farm owner to set this up, but just three hours later she called back and said that she would rather have the Southend Sealife Adventure closed for a day with all of the animals moved to our premises in Leigh for her friends to enjoy. When I told her that this would be impossible, she wouldn’t listen and also demanded an Ice Bar serving vodka for her underage friends. When I refused to break the law in this manner, she told me that her daddy would have me killed if I didn’t give in. At this stage, I decided to cancel the booking.’

We approached the Jennings-Bennington family for a comment at their home near Belfairs Woods, and father Jerome said: ‘Both myself and Lucretia lead incredibly busy lives with work and social engagements, and so we allowed Lala to take over the arrangements with our financial backing – we know many local parents who have also done this. She can be very demanding sometimes, but she knows what she wants and that will get her far in life. After Mr Davies needlessly cancelled the party, we have given her £500,000 to take her friends anywhere they want for a Super Sweet 16 trip, and this will make up for the suffering and heartbreak that he has caused.’