It seems that the well-known Leigh restaurant owner Leviathan-Montrose Nash, owner of Le Pamplemousse Confondu in Leigh Broadway, is never far away from controversy at the moment. After insisting a few days ago that long-time Leigh residents should be made to wear wristbands so that they can be spotted and helped to understand the ‘quinoa revolution’ and gentrification of the town, it now appears that he has responded to a negative Tripadvisor review by calling the customer who complained a SILLY F*****G PEASANT.

Caroline Nibble visited the Michelin-starred restaurant a few weeks ago, but according to the heavily-pregnant sales adviser, the experience was far from enjoyable. She told a Southend News Network reporter: ‘I went to Le Pamplemousse Confondu with a friend for breakfast, and I really fancied trying their world-famous Eggs Benedict – however being pregnant means that it isn’t a good idea to eat runny, potentially uncooked eggs. Therefore, I asked the manager if this dish could be prepared with a hard boiled egg instead, and he instantly flew into a maniacal rage. He whipped the tablecloth away from our table, sending cutlery and crockery flying all over the place, and he then picked me up and literally threw me into the street. He screamed something at me about ‘culinary integrity’ while my friend picked me up off the ground.’


On 26th January, Ms Nibble finally worked up the courage to leave a Tripadvisor review about her experience, and as you will see in the screenshot Mr Montrose-Nash justified his actions and referred to her as a ‘silly f*****g peasant.’ The review has since been removed by the travel opinion site, but we were able to capture an image of the comments before they were taken down.

Review Response

Shockingly, Mr Montrose-Nash confirmed the incident to our Chief Reporter, and he stands by his decision to remove Ms Nibble from his premises. In a statement, he said: ‘My response on Tripadvisor was blunt and to the point, but to be honest I have so many other good reviews on there that I really couldn’t care less. Everyone else loves Le Pamplemousse Confondu, and I am a respected member of the local business community. Bollocks to her.’

It seems that restaurant etiquette could well be one of Mr Montrose-Nash’s buttons, with another recent incident occurring where a customer was thrown out of his restaurant for using the wrong type of knife.