Owners of 100% electric vehicles have been describing their excitement today after being the first motorists to take advantage of the dedicated electric vehicle lane that has opened around the M25 motorway. Work to reclaim and convert the entire right-hand lane was completed a few weeks ago, and from 6am this morning it became an criminal offence to use the lane in a vehicle that is not fully powered by electricity. 

Daryl Hedge spoke to Southend News Network after completing his journey to work in his Nissan Leaf. He said: ‘I have taken 45 minutes off my usual journey time today, and the lane has been clearly marked in blue which makes it incredibly easy to locate. The cameras have been clearly marked so that fuel-powered cars cannot take advantage of the lane for overtaking, and apart from a couple of Lexus owners I didn’t see anyone break the rules today. Overtaking can be quite difficult as you have to pull left into the regular right-hand lane where other drivers are going at full speed, but I’m sure that these issues will be fixed over time.’

Nathaniel Front MP is the minister responsible for overseeing the project. He said: ‘We are delighted with the number of electric cars that have been spotted taking advantage of the new lane, and we are pleased that we managed to keep the project within budget using only funds from regular fuel duty. This sends out a clear message that it pays to drive green, and as more and more motorists make the switch we will be able to justify reclaiming another lane purely for electric vehicle drivers.’

In a late development, it has emerged that a number of electric vehicles were spotted broken down in the new lane today. According to one transport analyst, recharging stations are currently too far apart on the motorway, and with some electric vehicles only managing  50 miles on a full battery it has the potential to lead to major congestion.