A new EU law that is due to come into effect on 14th March 2018 will force Cadbury’s to make some changes to their popular Curlywurly bar in the United Kingdom. 

From this date, the chewy chocolate and caramel treat will need to be 14% less curly and 8% less wurly because of new guidance that falls under the upcoming Montpellier Confectionery Geometrical Framework Accord.

The accord was signed at a gathering in the French city in 2013, with manufacturers within the European Union being given until the March 2018 deadline to comply.

The EU’s MCGFA co-ordinator Jerome Robsonne said: ‘The current design of the Curlywurly is so haphazard that it often makes consumers disorientated and dizzy.’

’By reducing the levels of curlyness and wurlyness in line with the prescribed confectional angular coefficients that are laid out in the agreement, the Curlywurly will have a number of perfect 45 degree angles that ensure a symmetrical layout.’

We asked Monsieur Robsonne if there would be any further changes to popular British chocolate bars under the new legislation.

He said: ‘Freddos will be redesigned so that the frog who is portrayed is of a far healthier BMI.’

Speaking on his LBC radio show, Nigel Farage confirmed that Curlywurly bars would return to their original format after March 2019.

He said that all confectionery imported into Britain should be subjected to an Australian-style points scheme.

Farage added: ‘Brexit Britain will be able to only import Nutella in containers no larger than a thimble to protect the British hazelnut spread industry.’

’I will also propose a plan to only sell Ferrero Rocher individually to allow English Maltesers the chance to flourish.’