A 24-year-old man from Southend On Sea has sensationally declared his Welsh heritage today after making two slices of cheese on toast. According to Richard Jones, a call centre operator, he was recently encouraged to get in touch with his Welsh background by the team’s success at Euro 2016, and he hopes that preparing a basic Welsh Rarebit will put his own nationality beyond any reasonable doubt. 

Richard said: ‘Our boys have reached the semi-final and they play Portugal tonight, and it’s days like today that make me proud to call myself a Welshman. I’ve been back to the land of my fathers on a number of occasions to watch playoff finals at the Millenium Stadium, and I also finish most sentences with ‘innit’ – this is as close as anyone in Essex can get to ‘isn’t it,’ isn’t it? I’ve also got my own private collection of Charlotte Church images, early 2000’s obviously. As my people would say, POBOL Y CYM and PONTYPANDY!’

Richard is just one of millions of people who have been getting in touch with their Welsh roots in the last few days. The manager of Tesco’s Southend Extra store has already confirmed that they have sold out of leeks, in spite of most customers saying that they have absolutely no idea what they are supposed to do with them. The UK Passport Office has also confirmed that there has been a 75% rise in applications for Welsh passports this week.