A man who is flashing his headlights at another motorist to tell them to pull out of a busy T-junction has confirmed that he has already conducted a thorough safety analysis on his behalf that takes all passing traffic and other associated hazards into account – he has also added that he will ‘take the hit’ if any sh*t goes down. 

We spoke to ‘good motoring Samaritan’ Darryl Peepcrip shortly after the incident, and he told our Chief Reporter that he was more than willing to deal with the legal, emotional and medical consequences in the event of a catastrophic road traffic accident instigated by using his headlights as some sort of illegal signal. 

He said: ‘This junction with Southend Seafront can be notoriously difficult to pull out from sometimes, and so I often flash my headlights and wave my hands to let other motorists know that it is safe to pull out.’

‘Before I make the signal, I always assess the entire traffic situation on their behalf so that they can go ahead and proceed based upon my goodwill.’

‘In fact, I am so confident in my ability to read the road conditions that I would be more than happy to stand up in court after a devastating road accident, put my hand up and say ‘Yes, my bad. I told them that it was safe to proceed.’

‘I always make sure to extend the same courtesy towards pedestrians at Zebra crossings as well.’

‘Once I have slowed down, I make sure to wave my hands in the precise direction that they need to cross so that they don’t get all confused and stuff.’

‘God help them if they don’t thank me – especially the ones who have their hands full with kids.’