A man from Southend On Sea has decided to leave Netflix so that he can negotiate individual viewing deals with all of the major TV and movie studios instead. 

Andrew Britten told Southend News Network that he was confident that his current £8.99 subscription would be better spent directly with each separate entertainment company.

He said: ‘We have the package where you are allowed to have Netflix in four different rooms, and I am confident that I will get a better deal for my family by offering a small amount each month to every major studio.’

‘I’ve already offered Warner Brothers £1 per month for rights to watch the Harry Potter movies, and I am in the process of travelling to Florida so that I can put the same offer to Disney executives for Star Wars.’

‘I decided to leave Netflix as I calculated that £3.50 of my subscription every month was being wasted on rubbish that I will never watch, like Doctor Who or anything with French or German subtitles.’

‘I have quite a large extended family living with me, and five out of nine of us voted to cancel. They can look forward to lots of top-notch blockbusters at a much better price.’

Andrew’s 14-year-old daughter Melanie voted to keep Netflix at home, and she has now been informed by the video on demand service that she will need to take out her own subscription for £7.99 per month.

She said: ‘Before we voted as a family, my mum kept telling me that cancelling Netflix was the right thing to do as she wanted her house back. As soon as my Dad cancelled it she just walked out and left us – now my father has to deal with all of the major studios by himself.’

‘I may have to move in with my Auntie instead as she still has a subscription.’