Animal rights campaigners have today condemned a man from Southend On Sea who took his pet cat to an animal rescue centre on Christmas Day and handed him over for adoption after she refused to watch the Queen’s Speech at 3pm. 

According to shocked staff at the Pretty Paws Rescue Centre in Fairfax Drive, an ‘angry man in his eighties’ threw the cat carrier onto the counter before storming back to his car and speeding off.

We caught up with her ex-owner Frank Smith, and he told our Chief Reporter that he was ‘disgusted.’

He said: ‘When the national anthem started playing, I stood up like I always do every year, and I told Elizabeth that she should bloody well stand up as well.’

‘She just looked at me with the same expression that she gets when I try and give her the stuff from Aldi and carried on licking her nunny.’

‘I lost my temper at this point and ordered her to face the TV and listen to her majesty’s wise words, but she wouldn’t budge. I tried picking her up and moving her and she dug her claws into the carpet and arched her back.’

‘I swear to god she doesn’t appreciate the freedom that she enjoys in modern Britain because of the sacrifices that I made during the war. I still remember the day that Chamberlain announced that war had been declared – I fell over a coffee table and banged my head on my abacus.’

‘Bollocks to her. If she can’t give up ten minutes of her whole year then this whole country is going to the dogs.’

‘This is why I voted leave.’