A mum from Leigh On Sea in a Land Rover has revealed that she can’t pull over and allow an ambulance with flashing lights to pass as her middle son Tobias is late for karate.

35-year-old mother of three Floella Montrose-Nash told our Chief Reporter that her city trader husband Marcus works ‘incredibly long hours’ to pay for the extra-curricular activity, with no refunds available for missed sessions or lateness.

She said: ‘You have to try and define the word ’emergency’ in situations like this.’

‘I am acutely aware that there is a 75-year-old man on board who is having a stroke, but my Pelvic Yoga class starts at 5pm sharp.’

‘The knock-on effects of Tobias being late for Karate would be catastrophic, and to be fair 75 is a pretty good innings anyway.’

‘My Marcus would probably reach the same milestone if he wasn’t shoving a grand of booger sugar up his nose on a weekly basis.’

‘Besides, pulling onto the kerb to allow the ambulance to pass might scratch the paintwork, and my wheel tracking is already a bit off after I swerved to avoid a speed bump when my youngest was late for Foetal Ballet last Thursday.’

‘It even knocked off the ‘O’ of my ‘Overfinch’ badge – Marcus went apeshit.’

We asked Floella if Tobias could perhaps miss a session for the greater good of an elderly gentleman getting to medical attention that he desperately needs.

She said: ‘To be fair, nothing is more important to Tobias than karate at the moment.’

‘With a name like Tobias, he’s bound to get the shit kicked out of him in senior school.’