A young mother-of-three from Southend On Sea has been telling Southend News Network about her ‘terrifying ordeal’ after she received a visit from social workers who had concerns over the welfare of her children. According to documents that we have seen, a fellow parent made a complaint against her after allegedly overhearing that she intends to limit Christmas 2016 spending to ‘£25 per child.’

Single mum Marie Adams, 29, told our Chief Reporter that the official from Southend’s Child Welfare Team was accompanied by four police officers as this was ‘procedure’ when visiting any address between Fairfax Drive and London Road.

She said: ‘At 7am on Monday morning, there was a very official-sounding knock on the door, and so I invited them all in – two of the officers remained outside to guard the front door.’

‘We sat down and she told me that an allegation had been made that I was intending to limit Christmas 2016 spending to £25 per child, so £75 in total. I was told that this was below the United Nations Arbitrary Licensed Merchandise Single Unit Retail Value, and apparently this behaviour triggers a number of different council-level safeguarding indicators.’

‘I was handed official notice that I would be receiving regular visits to ensure that there were no further instances of ‘cruel and unusual gifting,’ and she was completely uninterested in the fact that I struggle to put away a little more than £2 per week.’

‘After all, my tax credits were stopped a year ago as I am living with a man who officially died in 1932 – the investigator from Concentrix said that he would be powerless to resolve the issue without me presenting the rotting corpse in person to an industrial park address on the outskirts of Birmingham.’

We managed to track down the lady who made the original complaint about the kids’ welfare, and she wishes to remain anonymous – however she made it clear that the whole experience has left her feeling ‘shaken.’

She said: ‘When I overheard her talking to her ex-partner on the phone about how his lack of input was making her put this inhumane and cruel limit on their Christmas presents, I just started weeping on the spot – soon these feelings developed into an uncontrollable rage.’

‘Her poor kids are four, six and nine – how dare she put their classroom cred and happiness in jeopardy like this. The first Show and Tell in January will be heartbreaking for them, and someone needed to take action right now.’

‘I can picture it now. ‘Mummy got me the Ninky-Nonk, and she said that I could have the Pinky-Ponk and Upsy-Daisy for my birthday in August.’ It’s like something out of a Dickens novel, and I am outraged!’