A mother has been telling Southend News Network of her struggle to find a way of telling her seven year old son that Jeremy Corbyn isn’t real.

Jemima Clenge, 37, told our Chief Reporter that her youngest son Billy has been ‘living in a childhood fantasy’ after he watched a speech by the Labour leader a few days ago on TV.

She said: ‘It’s that time time of year when an elderly gentleman with a white beard appears on TV and tells everyone about how they are going to receive lots of presents that they don’t have to pay for.’

‘I had to tell him that there are a number of different Jeremies because the real Jeremy is so busy at the moment travelling all over the country and preparing everyone for an election.’

There were angry scenes in Liverpool on Sunday at a Jeremy Grotto in the city centre after protesters pushed past security and accused him of sharing a platform with The Grinch in 1978.