A mum from Southend has admitted that she is furious with staff in a local branch of McDonalds after it emerged that her 10-year-old daughter was able to buy 107 BURGERS IN THREE DAYS to try and find a certain sticker in the fast food chain’s Monopoly promotion. Patty Jones, 41, made the shocking discovery when she opened daughter Maya’s sock drawer and found 45 Park Lane stickers, and when she got home from school she admitted that she was on a desperate mission to find Mayfair and win £100,000. 

Mrs Jones said: ‘My first thought is that she had sneaked into a branch of McDonalds and stolen a load of packaging, but as soon as I sat her down she confessed that she had spent the £600 she had in her piggy bank on Big Tasty’s at the restaurant in Old Leigh. I was incredibly relieved when she told me that she hadn’t eaten the burgers and was throwing them all away, but I am outraged that staff in the branch didn’t think that selling more than 100 burgers to a 10-year-old girl in 3 days was a bit odd. All that the manager has offered to do so far is give us 2 free Extra Value Meals.’

Disappointed Maya, 10, added: ‘We watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the weekend, and this taught me that if there is a golden ticket out there (or a Mayfair Monopoly sticker), the best way to find it is to just buy loads and loads of burgers. Unfortunately all I have been left with is a load of Park Lanes and free Apple Pies until the summer, and the Monopoly stickers made the burgers taste terrible. I suppose I just got jealous of all my other friends in Leigh as their parents are buying them McDonalds every day so that they can win stuff.’

A spokesperson for McDonalds said: ‘We would like to make it clear that it is not our policy to sell excessive amounts of any item on the menu to either adults or children. Furthermore, we are unable to comment about staff actions in branches of McDonalds are not currently in existence.’