A mother from Leigh On Sea in Essex has been describing her OUTRAGE to Southend News Network after a yarnbombing appeared on a local train station postbox to celebrate Roald Dahl Day. According to 31-year-old Eleanor Magouby, the portrayal of James and The Giant Peach looks like the main character is straddling a ‘giant green penis,’ and she told our Chief Reporter how her 3-year-old daughter was left in tears after spotting it this morning.

Eleanor said: ‘We were just walking back from dropping off my older son at school this morning, when suddenly my little girl Flotilla pointed across the road and said ‘postbox hat.’ By the time that we got over there to have a closer look, I was horrified to see that the piece of wooly art had James sitting and straddling what looks like a large green penis. I am aware that it is actually the stalk of the peach, but in my opinion there is way too much girth on the stalk for it to be anything else.’

‘If you take a closer look, it even becomes slightly more bulbous at the tip of the stalk, and so in my opinion there is absolutely no room for interpretation here. The creators should be ashamed of themselves.’

‘To make matters worse, the image brought back some very upsetting memories for me as my ex-partner contracted a particularly nasty sexually-transmitted infection during the final few months of our relationship. If I am being perfectly honest, the artwork wasn’t too far off the money.’

We asked Eleanor how her daughter felt after seeing the yarnbombing close up, and she paused at this point to compose herself before telling our Chief Reporter how she is still finding it difficult to calm her down hours after seeing it.

She added: ‘I know that she is going to have nightmares for the next few weeks about it, and it has been very tricky to answer all of her questions. I wanted to take her to a pantomime production of Jack and The Beanstalk somewhere this Christmas and now I am having second thoughts about that as well.’

‘The fact that he appears to be caressing it so lovingly makes things ten times worse. I don’t think that Roald Dahl had something so phallic in mind when he originally wrote the book, although I do have my own theories about the origins of the ‘chocolate factory’ in the Willy Wonka story.’

‘The way that there is some sort of ‘split’ at the top is making me feel a little uneasy as well.’

We approached the creators at The Craft Club Yarnbombers for a comment, and they responded with an appropriate meme in the light of these allegations.