A group of mums have been expressing their almost immeasurable outrage to Southend News Network after a fireworks display in Squash Fields was so noisy that they were forced to ‘grab their children and run for their lives to the car park.’

More than 17 disgusted parents have been in touch over the Squash Fields Shushy-Shush Fireworks Extravaganza on Friday evening, and some of them have said that they may never visit a display again. 

Charlotte Sherman-Hampton told our Chief Reporter that she couldn’t believe that a fireworks display could involve excessive amounts of noise, and she also revealed that she will be fighting the organisers for compensation. 

She said: ‘The event was advertised as a ‘Shushy-Shush Fireworks Event,’ and anyone with even a basic knowledge of explosives will know that gunpowder can be detonated without any noise. This is 2016 after all.’

‘Instead, the event got underway and although the colourful and flashing lights were amazing, they were accompanied by banging noises. My youngest child is allergic to noise and hazelnuts and the loud shots set off some sort of annaflactic shock or something.’

‘My boyfriend has a fireworks screensaver on his computer and that never makes any noise, so it is definitely possible.’

A spokesperson for Squash Fields confirmed that the display will be postponed until the laws of physics and chemistry have been rewritten.