A new scandal is set to engulf Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign today as it has emerged that the Labour candidate ‘had a curry’ with Skeletor in 1991.

The internationally known creature of unspeakable evil failed on a number of occasions to conquer Castle Greyskull and obtain the means for absolute rule over Eternia, and a source has confirmed spotting Corbyn with him in a Brick Lane curry house in East London.

He wishes to remain anonymous, but he told our Chief Reporter that he ‘couldn’t believe his eyes’ when he spotted Mr Corbyn’s dining partner over a shared vegetable biryani.

He added: ‘I was having some dinner with a friend at the time, and he remarked to me that he recognised Corbyn sitting at the next table.’

‘When I looked over, I noticed that he was sitting with someone in a purple hood, but occasionally I caught a glimpse of his slightly yellow and gaunt face – it was only a few days later that I realised that it was Skeletor.’

‘I shudder to think what they could have been discussing, but it has made me question whether or not this is a man that I could vote for – why would he associate himself with someone so evil?’

‘It is worth remembering that he would probably rule the entire universe by now if it wasn’t for the fact that his henchmen were totally and utterly useless.’

Southend News Network investigators have tracked down some of the other diners who were in the restaurant at the time, and it has also emerged that there were other diners around the table that Corbyn will want to distance himself from for the good of his campaign.

One source said: ‘I saw him splitting a keema naan with a guy who had a crooked cigar in his mouth and three little pigs behind him, and it was only a few years later that I realised that it was Cyril Sneer.’

‘What that man/anteater has done to the Evergreen Forest doesn’t really fit in with Jeremy’s eco-friendly image, does it?’

Another person who we spoke to also confirmed that he was 80% sure that the fourth diner at the table was the headless man with the cat from Inspector Gadget.