Motorists across Essex, including Madeline Pneuville from Leigh (pictured) have been contacting Southend News Network this week after it emerged that a county-wide private parking enforcement company has been LETTING DOWN TYRES on vehicles where the owner’s ticket has expired. In a shocking development, the a representative of South Surveillance Parking has revealed that their officers are acting legally based upon a loophole in existing laws that allow the general public ‘right of way access’ to anything that is public property.

SS Parking General Manager Shaun Schnellkraft emailed our Newsdesk to explain his firm’s ‘powerful but legal’ tactics. He said: ‘On behalf of our hard-working clients who often find their private parking areas abused by non-customers, our boys are always trying to carry out their duties within the full extend of the law. A few weeks ago, our lawyers discovered that while a car and its tyres belong to the owner, the air inside the tyres is public property, regardless of who inflated them. I’m the same way that a farmer must allow members of the public to use ‘right of way’ footpaths to cross their land, motorists are effectively powerless to stop our officers removing the caps and inserting an attachment to remove the air. Naturally our on-site agents carry tyre inflation machines to get people moving again once any fines have been paid.’

We have discovered that SS Parking enforcers now cover 47 separate parking areas within the borough of Southend, and Marvin Limp of the South Essex Private Parking Ombudsman has admitted that ‘his hands are tied’ due to the legal loophole. He said: ‘As far as we are concerned, we can stop clamping and this sort of tactic, but deflating tyres is something that we are powerless to prevent. Our own legal team has found out that motorists could attach their tyre caps permanently, but this would make it impossible to inflate them in times of need. We have opened a 10-year inquiry process to make sure that Essex motorists get a fair deal.’