A spokesperson for the Nigel Farage Foundation has confirmed that the leader of UKIP and newly self-appointed President of the Entire Universe has completed the paperwork to enter World’s Strongest Man 2017. According to Daryl Ploppton of the NFF, this is ‘the sensible career move choice’ for Mr Farage after he managed to crawl out from under the world’s biggest rock while the EU Referendum results were being declared. 

Mr Ploppton added: ‘Everyone thought that Jesus emerged from behind a bloody huge rock on that sunny day in April, but the people of Britain have now witnessed a miracle that makes the resurrection story fall into insignificance. Shortly after midnight on June 24th, Nigel declared that it was going to be a narrow victory for ‘Remain,’ and as the evening progressed he managed to bravely shift what can only be described as the world’s biggest and heaviest rock – he then emerged at 7am to give his victory speech.’

Current world champion Mariusz Chuckafridgeovic from Poland said: ‘I welcome the news that Nigel Farage will be joining us next year. Atlas Stones can be slippery you know …’