Sources in South Korea have confirmed that Kim Jong-Un’s North Korean government has dropped Fisher Price as their official missile manufacturer. 

According to the Yonhap news agency in Seoul, the latest failed missile test was ‘the last straw’ for the Pyongyang administration.

One source said: ‘When the latest missile just spun around and around before crashing into the sea, a number of officials standing next to Kim looked incredibly angry.’

‘To make matters worse, you could still hear it blaring out ‘How Much Is That Doggy In The Window’ from beneath the waves.’

‘Kim immediately summoned Fisher Price officials to his palace and informed them that they would be immediately removed from the country.’

‘There was a small delay while he tried to find his phone and call his guards as one of his sons had grabbed the string and was running off across the floor pulling it along.’

‘The company may lose its telecommunications contract as well.’

‘It will be a huge blow for the company as they were only weeks away from launching My First Taepodong Set in Toys ‘R’ Us stores around the world’

It has also been reported that the nation’s tubby tyrant flew into an ‘uncontrollable rage’ and started demanding a new team of missile scientists.

Another source said: ‘Kim was beside himself with anger. I heard him scream ‘Find out who Donald used and get them in here for a meeting.’

‘He maybe forced to go with Nerf at this rate and just take off the foam padding.’